Avoid HMRC Tax Refund Fraudulent Emails

Before we go into the details of how to spot these fraudulent emails let’s get one thing cleared up; HMRC never send emails alerting you to a tax refund. Notification is always done by post and payment via cheque. That said, these can be so authentic looking that you think hmmm; what if? Here’s a quick guide on how to spot them.

Email address

If you click on the details to see which email address they have come from you the scammers have tried to be clever and included HMRC is the address. Look at how it is worded however, the grammar is generally poor and they won’t call you by your first name. They tend to be addressed to “Dear Taxpayer” whereas the genuine letters always have your full name at the top.

You may notice a link in an email asking you to “Click here” in order to claim your refund or fill in your bank details. It is advisable that you never click on this link as it can a phishing scam to collect personal details.

Lack of details

A letter from HMRC will have your name, address and NI number, these emails haven’t any as they are relying on you trusting them and clicking through to their fake site.

Email scams are constantly evolving and becoming more realistic looking. It can be very hard to spot the fakes from other companies, especially those who contact customers via email. All you need to remember is the golden rule; the only mail the HMRC sends out for tax refunds goes through your letterbox not your inbox.

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